GNSS Local Transformation. Rotate points and DXF linework also?

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GNSS Local Transformation. Rotate points and DXF linework also?

Post by timd1971 » Sat Dec 15, 2018 4:03 pm

Besides using this feature to TRANSFORM my points AND coinciding DXF imported linework (which is turned on in the layers manager) to my GNSS ROVER position when in the field, is it possible to also ROTATE these same points AND coinciding DXF linework? I can use Rotate / Transform / Scale to do this with the points only (after using GNSS Local Transformation to move my points to my GNSS location), but obviously the prior coinciding DXF linework will not rotate with the points.

I am "hoping" that using GNSS Local Transformation will accomplish this using either at least 1 control point and provided angle of rotation (I.e. 15 deg)or 2 control points, rotation determined by the angle between the 2 control points.

All in all,just hoping to design the points and linework using typical cartesian coordinates system in my graphics software with origin of 0,0. Then get to the field,set up my rover on my 0,0 origin and then do a GNSS Local Transformation of all the points to get my points to the origin in the field, and then rotate all these points and DXF linework so I can stake them at. The DXF linework is used so we can make things out better as there are about 500 points.

Thank you for any help here! Much appreciated!

300' x 150' X7 test1.jpg
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300' x 150' X7 test2.jpg
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