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Bill Tellier
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Post by Bill Tellier » Sun Mar 23, 2003 1:29 pm

Stated simply we are Project based, so how can I create a Parent Project directory and place NEW work orders which we will say are the same as raw files for each phase and/or work order we do within or under the same Project Directory. For example, we do a lot of construction stakeout and the Project directory and coordinate files will always be the same with the Raw file being different for each time we stake and/or locate something. An example of this would be a project named 23003 this should be in a directory named FG Projects 23003 with the coordinate file being 23003.crd. Every time we stake something such as curb & gutter the work order/raw file would be 23005CG1.raw for the first time staked and 23005CG2.raw for the second time, etc. We use this convention for all of our work, either staked or located. This keeps my projects and raw files in order and just by looking at them I can tell what they were for. Also if I can't do this, how do I copy figures and/or coordinates from one project to another. All of our project coordinate files have every point located and/or set in them all in one .CRD file with the only thing changing being the raw file. This is similar to using a field book as the Project with the pages being the Raw files. How can I achieve this kind of structuring within the FG software :?:

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Jason Poitras
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Post by Jason Poitras » Mon Mar 24, 2003 9:26 pm


In MSCAD I would use FieldGenius tools to Export a FieldGenius XYZ file that contains all the coordinate points you need for your project to be staked. I would then upload it to FieldGenius where it could be imported into any project you desire.

You could then name the project as 23005CG1 for the first stakeout, then 23005CG2 for the second stakeout and that way your raw files would be named in the manner you described.
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