FG 2006 woes

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FG 2006 woes

Post by jmahun » Tue May 01, 2007 5:29 am

I'm starting to get very frustrated, as are my students.

We're having the devil of a time getting the FieldGenius Tracker (v2006) to consistently communicate correctly with our total stations. Last week, I had 6 crews out (with 5 Lietz SET4A's and one Zeiss R50) learning some basic stake out with the FG. Each crew had multiple errors. Most had problems intially communicating with the total station, some would have their communication drop out during staking. I swapped data cables (we use ones purchased from Mirosurvey). The SET4A's were getting "angel measurement" errors even though on the total stations themselves there were no angle or distance errors. Repeated remeasurement would eventually clear the error, but sometimes we would have to restart the total station and/or the data collector.

In the office. I've tried repeatedly to use a serial-usb cable to transfer data from the Trackers but have not been successful. I've three different serial-usb cables/adpaters which work fine with every other serial device (even our Trinmble LS4600 receivers). I encounter problems even when attaching directly to a serial port. The Tracker appears to be picky about the serial cable used. I can't sync up using some serial cables which work fine with other devices.

We've had problems like this since obtaining the Trackers although it's more pronounced now as we're trying to integrate them more into our classes.

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Post by CHRIS L » Tue May 01, 2007 8:48 am

We had that same issue with our Sokkia Set 3c gun and I never really found it to be the tracker or the software. It was always a cable issue or sokkia plug connection issue. The way it plugs to the instrument was never really that tight almost kind of like it hangs on. For example on our Leica gun, the plug is rock solid as compared to the Sokkia where is always felt loose to me.

In general cables are the biggest weak link on Data Collectors period. That is why pretty much everything now comes with the bluetooth wireless technology.

As far the the instruments error with the angle error. I always unplugged the cable from the instrument and replugged it in which seemed to resolve the problem. Make sure you push it on. Push it around carefully to see if you can get the pins to spread out a little and fit tighter. I found that style of plug doesn't really grip that well and over time wears on the plug pins to where you are not getting contact within all the pins. So the trackers is receiving the distance measurement but not the angle measurement since that pin isn't making good contact. I may be completely wrong on this, but it worked for me.

As far as you computer link error. I've found it helps if you can keep a USB port and serial plug for just our tracker. I have issue with USB ports all the time especially when I flip between different units. I have found the computer doesn't reset the USB port when you unplug something. If you can dedicate a USB for the tracker so you computer doesn't have to switch you might have less problem. I know that worked for me with my UBS memory cards and my digital camera. If I try to download pics and then plug in the Memory flash drive.....9 out of 10 times it doesn't read the memory card. I actually have a memory card that will ot connect at ALL to the front USB ports on my computer, only in the back USB ports will it work. If I restart the computer that helps sometimes. You dont by chance actually have a Com Serial port on your computer do you? I use that for out Tracker and Allegro and have very little issues with getting the connected.

Good luck.....hope this helped some


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