some suggestions for FG2008

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some suggestions for FG2008

Post by Cheng » Sat May 10, 2008 7:49 am

Hi Jason,

We have bought FG 2008. As a field surveyor, I personally prefer FG than others such as TopSURV etc. However, through different versions of your FG (I have used XG1.5,XG2.0 and FG2005), I prefer XG2.0 for topo work (its user interface is more practical than other versions). I believe that a good field surveying software should be more efficient and practical using in the field, not only have full necessary functions but also easy to operate. Comparatively, I feel some operations in FG2008 is still less efficient and practical. Here are some functions I wish to be improved in your future version:

(1) Horizontal ANGLE OFFSET
A. In SDR33, only need 3 steps: F1 (to select the mode),(sight prism )shoot(distance),(sight centre) shoot(angle), press <OK> (optional) to store the point (and then automatically return to sideshot function) or just SHOOT to get next sideshot point.
B. In your FG 2008, need at list 8 steps : shortcut key (to select the mode), click <Measure> for ready to shoot angle, (sight centre) shoot(angle), click <Measure> again for ready to shoot distance, (sight prism) shoot (distance), click <Store> , click <OK> to finally store the point but still remain in Angle Offset MENU. Click <Close> to Sideshot menu.
I think the following steps will be more practical: shortcut key (to select the mode) and pop up 2 buttons <ANGLE> and <DISTANCE>, click <ANGLE> or ENTER key to get angle (checked or show measurement when done), click <DISTANCE> or ENTER key to get distance(checked or show measurement when done), then automatically turn to store point menu, click <Store> to save and return back to sideshot screen Also it should allow UP/DOWN keys to switch between <ANGLE> and <DISTANCE> for shooting either ANGLE or DISTANCE first

(2) some suggestion for Automap Lib and Figure list input.
I believe that the following scenarios will be more efficient (or productive) for field survey :

A --- the field of FIGURE LIST should always show <start> when a new linework code from the field of AUTOMAP LIB is selected. Currently the FG2008 will remain the last line code in Figure list even after selecting a new linework code (different than the previous code).
B --- when selecting a line from figure list, the screen should bring the selected line to the centre (it had such function in previous versions). So it is easy for operator to know if the line is correctly selected. Like XG1.5 or 2.0, I can use UP/DOWN button to select an existing line from Figure List, and the line highlighted in figure list will be automatically centerized in the screen.

Generally, I wish, in your future version, it should come with less CONFIRMATION button, i.e. as simple as possible (less steps) to reach a goal (SDR33 is the best sample)
BTW, how can I change some default settings for FG2008 ? Such as :
(1) ID off (not ON)
(2) Screen centerization ON

Thanks for your time.


Richard Sands
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Post by Richard Sands » Sat May 10, 2008 4:34 pm

I support this too, it is rather cumnersome - but would also suggest this be available also after a point is stored. Ie to use the last distance or bearing and simply adjust both horizontal and vertical reading and store new point(s) without recourse to remeasuring distances.

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Post by Jason Poitras » Sun May 11, 2008 8:33 am


1) Regarding the offset routine, you should try turning on the "Quick Measure" option in the Program Settings screen. When this is on FieldGenius will work just like you describe you want it to. The default is for this feature to be off.

2 A) As for the figure list, FieldGenius from day one has always worked this way. If you are currently working on a line (line toggle on), if you select a different description and want to start a new line you have to turn the line toggle off then back on again.

This was done by design so that you can continue a line and not have to break it if you want to code a point with a different description. Example would be you are working on an EP (Edge of Pavement) line and want to record two DWY (Driveway) edges that intersect the EP line.

2 B) I agree, this looks like a bug because it used to do this as you describe.

To turn ids off, on the view toolbar press the green arrow which will show more options. Press the ID On button.

If you want to center your shots on the screen, on your instrument toolbar turn on the "Center Shot" button, top left corner of instrument toolbar.
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