Need help understanding stakeout data in RAW file

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tim reed
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Need help understanding stakeout data in RAW file

Post by tim reed » Tue Sep 01, 2009 9:27 am

The crew used FG to stakeout a design alignment along an existing roadway. Said alignment was uploaded via XML. Their job entailed setting PK nails at 100' stations and at even offsets behind the fog line, as well as a lath set at a farther offset at top of slope.
What I'm having difficulty understanding is why is a point stored with coordinate data in an SP line? Why then does an SK line follow with angles & distances? Any why are these two points different?

I never use Store Points as the route coordinate systems may vary. I normally process SS lines in a topo file. Aren't SK lines the same type of data as SS lines? Where did the actual PK or Lath get set? Was it at the coordinate data contained in the SP line, or was it at the angles & distances contained in the SK line?

Following is a small chunk of data from our RAW file:

--FieldGenius v3.2.0
OC,OP32,N 295289.9130,E 523014.6798,EL58.2300,--ALCTRL2"/REBAR_SMC-32
--Orientation Notes
-- Observed Values: HA 359°59'59.757" VA 87°38'45.324" SD 397.407' HD 397.072' HR 5.590'
-- Observed Reference: Point
-- Distance Calculated: 397.034'
-- Distance Error: 0.038'
-- BS Elevation: 74.557'
-- BS Elevation Error: -0.003'
SP,PN1110,N 295310.0251,E 523083.6606,EL52.6589,--PK
DE,PN,N 295310.033,E 523083.652,EL60.000,--
SP,PN1111,N 295303.9373,E 523088.7624,EL51.0117,--LATH
DE,PN,N 295303.946,E 523088.843,EL60.000,--

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Jason Poitras
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Post by Jason Poitras » Thu Sep 03, 2009 8:43 am

In the 3.2.0 version if the user stored a point for the stake point, an SP record was created which is derived by the field measurement (SK).

This record isn't really needed so in the 4.0.1 build of FieldGenius we made a change so that now the SP record isn't written to the raw file.
Jason Poitras
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