FG 2008 v4.01 - GWES.EXE - arc draw problem

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FG 2008 v4.01 - GWES.EXE - arc draw problem

Post by BobKrohn » Mon Jul 18, 2011 5:24 pm

On a Recon DC
When I am trying to draw an arc by picking points on screen (PC-RP-PT) I am encountering a problem.
Start at PC, select Draw Line, Select Arc, Select RP.
Arc Draw button automatically de-selects and machine goes to straight line draw mode.

I then exit drawing mode entirely and then try to select the line for deleting.

Machine gives a Microsoft error screen saying there is a problem with GWES.EXE.
Program will not work correctly after this (Zooms for example). I must exit program and ususlly reboot.
Apparently, the database is corrupt since when I try to select that same line to delete it,
the program crashes again.
I have to go to the Line Listing and delete all my linework until the offending line is removed.

NOT ALL attempts to draw an arc cause this problem. But ALL attempts to to connect some given
set of three points (PC-RP-PT) will cause this problem.

Anybody have similar problem of have an idea on a fix?
I tried searching Google on "GWES.EXE" but nothing useful so far.

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