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Richard Sands
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FG2011 speed

Post by Richard Sands » Thu Nov 17, 2011 1:01 am

I notice with both versions of 2011 my Tracker Extreme seems to bog down when zoomed in close. (scale bar 0.5 and less)

It also crashes the program if one tries to inverse between to very close points at high zoom.

The Extremes are 600mhz machines and being up with many of the latest on offer in that area I was surprised by its performance.

Curious if others experience similar.
The slowing down is a concern as it does interupt the work flow in a marked way.


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Jason Poitras
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Re: FG2011 speed

Post by Jason Poitras » Sun Nov 20, 2011 9:32 am

Please make sure you only use 5.0.4. This version addressed some issues similar to those you are describing.

We've updated the graphics engine used in FieldGenius to a newer version and there are some crashes being reported when the project contains coordinates with large differences. For example if you have a point stored at 100,100,100 and have GPS grid coordinates in the same project, you may experience some crashes. This problem isn't happening on every device which makes it harder to fix.

So if you can please send us a project that you know crashes the Tracker Xtreme, we can take a look at it. And if you can, try to send us steps that we can use to reproduce the crash.
Jason Poitras
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