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Automap codes

Post by DBrowning » Wed Feb 15, 2012 8:49 pm


We have just started using FG2011 and have the Automap file setup to use our existing codelist (that we use with Civil3D). Is there a way of adding attributes to codes in the automap file? I cannot see a way. I see that you can add attributes via the GIS Attributes button when storing a sideshot (I gather that this stores the GIS data is a separate DBF file which is not much use to us).

Basically if we locate a tree, Civil3D needs to read the FBK file with the tree coded TR 3 15 PINE, indicating a Tree that has a 300mm trunk dia, is 15m high and is a Pine tree. At the moment we have to create a new code to add to the automap file for each different sized tree. It would be much more efficient if we were able to add the required attributes to a TR code in the automap list.



Craig Davis
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Re: Automap codes

Post by Craig Davis » Tue Jul 31, 2012 10:56 pm


We use Civil3D and we've found that by adding a note to the Sideshot this is appended to the end of the raw code with a space inserted in between. ie you could enter TR as the code in Automap and then add a note with the "3 15 PINE". This will come into Civil3D as a raw code of "TR 3 15 PINE".

We have a Automap code for each tree diameter. So we would enter TR 3 as the Automap code and then the "15 PINE" as the note. This would still come in as "TR 3 15 PINE".

It would be nice if FG could remember notes that were added in the current survey so they could be reused. Would save a lot of repeated typing. We use the Notes function to add traffic sign information.

I see this is an old thread but maybe of help to you or maybe someone else.



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