Importing georefferenced images into Field Genuis

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Importing georefferenced images into Field Genuis

Post by jsmithGEO » Fri Jun 21, 2013 8:27 am


I am new to the MicroSurvey software, and am currently using Field Genius 2012 in conjunction with MicroSurvey Data Exchange. I want to insert a georefferenced aerial image into my project to use as a basemap. I have GIS software so I am able to export .jpeg images with the world file. I have been able to get this image onto my data collector (Juniper systems Mesa) by manually coping it to the data collector. However, the georefferencing coordinates that are associated with my world file get altered when I add it the layer through the FG layer manager on the data collector. My data is all in state plane feet.

Is there a tutorial or training video that describes the process for importing aerial images? Also is there a more streamlined way to do this using MSDX or another free software utility? Thanks for your assistance.

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Re: Importing georefferenced images into Field Genuis

Post by Jason Poitras » Mon Sep 23, 2013 1:33 pm

Could you try exporting it in meters from your GIS software and then importing it into FieldGenius.

Regarding file transferring, manually copying the image and world file is the only way to accomplish that task.
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