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some suggestions

Post by cheng » Tue Oct 07, 2003 4:53 pm


I am trying FG 2.0.53 now (using TDS RECON 400MHZ ). Here are some features that I feels unconvinent :
(1) on MAIN MENU, when clicking on <Pnt> field to select codes, the soft keyboard won't come out automatically. (in S+ mode, it does)
(2) on main menu, when selecting a line code in the <Line> list, <Pnt> field will automatically change to related code. But in S+ sub-menu, it doesn't.
(3) on S+ sub-menu, <X> and <OK> buttons are too close, sometime
it will cause mis-click . Is it possible to have a confirmation menu
when clicking <X> ?

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Post by Jason Poitras » Wed Oct 08, 2003 8:39 am

Hi Cheng,

1) Currently it isn't programmed to do this. We didn't want to clutter up the screen with the keypad, but if we get a lot of request for this to be changed we'll add it to the feature list.

2) Work around: Prior to executing the S+ command, you can choose your line code first, which will select to correct description. Then when you start the S+ command, by default it will reflect what you set in the main interface. I've added this to the "fix" list as I agree, the S+ command should work the same as the main interface.

3) Good point, yes we could have a message appear asking you to confirm that you want to cancel. Great idea, it's been added to our list.
Jason Poitras
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