Major problem with raw data file

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Major problem with raw data file

Post by ergols1727 » Fri Apr 16, 2004 6:17 am

There is a glaring inconsistency between the coordinate file that is generated by Field Genius and the raw data that is part of the same raw data file. When I generate an FBK file to import into Autodesk's field survey program I get a coordinate listing (coordinates not in numerical order) and a listing of raw data. We do not use the coordinates. We process the raw data. When we process the raw data and compare the processed coordinate values with the coordinate listing in the original FBK file there are sometimes significant differences. The latest example of this happened when we shot a remote benchmark. We shot a remote benchmark to establish an elevation on our control point and then shot 4 or 5 points immediately afterwards. The elevations of these points were incorrect because the raw data file didn't show the rod height used to shoot the benchmark. A rod height wasn't entered into the raw data file until a different height was entered some time later. The Field Genius program knew the proper rod height because it applied it correctly to calculate the coordinate values. But the raw data file that Field Genius generated didn't include this information. The problem that we believe is happening here is that critical raw information is not being reported on in the raw data file. We don't know the values that are used in taking offset measurements and we don't know the raw data that was used to measure a remote benchmark. If we don't know this crucial information we can't check whether or not an error was made in the measurement process. A complete and thorough record of everything that was done in the field has been a strict requirement of data collector programs from day one. It seems kind of counter productive to be writing down what you've entered into the data collector so you have a record of what you did. Has something this critical been overlooked?

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Post by Jason Poitras » Sun Apr 18, 2004 10:10 am


We are aware that this is an area that needs improvement. So we have spent a lot of time improving this for FieldGenius 2004. Everything you have mentioned has been improved.
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