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Field Genius Demo

Post by CET » Mon Aug 30, 2004 8:59 am

I downloaded Field Genius to demo on my Ranger, but had a couple problems. After installing and first starting the program, it indicates
there's not enough memory, but yet it loads. The Ranger is a 200R, with 32 megs of main memory and a 128 meg Compact Flash memory card--should be more than enough memory? The second problem is that I use a Topcon 802AR robot and I can't find Topcon listed with the supported instruments--makes it a bit difficult to test drive. Any guidance is appreciated.

Glen Cameron
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Post by Glen Cameron » Mon Aug 30, 2004 10:02 am

If it says there is not enough memory when you start the program, go to your memory settings and slide the bar over so that you have more Program memory.

If I go to the Settings menu and pick on Instrument and select Total Station - then go to the Total Station Settings and pick on Model and Communications, I do see a Topcon option there under Make. When I pick it I can then set Robotic under Model.

Glen W. Cameron, C.E.T.
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Post by Guest » Wed Sep 01, 2004 3:42 am

I use Fieldgenius 2004 with a Topcon GTS 3-D conventional total station.

No problems at all.

I choose "Topcon" and then "Non Robotic". Everything works fine.


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