Questions/Issues/Problems Field Genius in Recon

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Questions/Issues/Problems Field Genius in Recon

Post by KrdSmith » Thu Jan 06, 2005 10:36 am

I would like to present the following issues to see if anyone else has had these problems/concerns or if there is a known solution:

1) In the stakeout routine when an offset point is generated for stakout this offset point can't be stored when staying within the stakeout screen. Our work around has been to exit out of the screen and come back in again. There seems to be a similar problem with the stake line routine which I understand is currently being addressed.

2) We have set up our Recon with Field Genius to power down after 31/2 minutes but it does not work while connected to the gun. When not connected it DOES work? Was this by design?

3) We are finding the sideshot routine onerous when doing a lot of sideshots for topo. pickup. Prior to taking a shot we are indicating that we wish to do a sideshot but then it asks us to confirm whether or not we wish to store the shot as a sideshot after the shot has been taken. Is there a toggle to turn this confirmation off?

4) We have noticed that programs that are apparently not in use on our Recon are in fact running in the background. For example, after unplugging from active sync the active sync software continues to run in the background on the Recon. Also, we have been shutting down the Field Genius software using the x button at the top right of the FG screen. It would appear that it is not running anymore but if you go to the systems manager area for running programs it is still running. This has presented a few issues for us as it is tieing up the system resources.

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Post by Jason Poitras » Thu Jan 06, 2005 12:35 pm

Hi Kevin,

1) What is happening is when the stakeout command is started we turn off the World button, it can be found on the zoom toolbar and it is the button to the far right. When this is off, we hide all the points in the drawing and only display the points at the BS, Instrument and for the point you're trying to stake out. When you store the shot, the point is in the database, it just isn't being displayed on the screen. If you turn on the world button while you're staking you will see that the point is there.

Perhaps we need to modify this so when you store the point it displays it eventhough the world button is off.

2) Currently on Pocket PC devices we disable the auto sleep timer while FieldGenius is running. We did this to prevent system lockups that can occur when the com port is active.

3) If the measure mode is set the Sideshot, it will show you the shot information, and then ask you if you want to store it. If you don't want this extra confirmation, then you should set your measure mode to Sideshot (autostore). In the next release we modified the sideshot mode so it is faster to use.

4) With Pocket PC, when you use the "X" what you're doing is minimizing the program. You haven't acutally closed it which is why you will still see the programs running as processes in the task manager. To close FieldGenius properly, you should exit the program using the exit button in main menu.
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