Roading with iPaq

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Roading with iPaq

Post by cadrum » Wed May 18, 2005 10:07 am

I am trying to get into and learn the roads portion of FieldGenius and have noticed a few things I will submit for comment. I am using the first release of FG2005 version 1.2 (D/L on 4/18/05) loaded on an iPaq 2215.

When building a road my starting point sometimes gets lost (point field goes blank) and the coordinates change by only 0.01’. I have noticed this happens on the desktop emulator as well.

In the Vertical Profile routine I cannot enter a PVI – Para Curve – PVI and get the correct elevation information within the vertical curve (the elev’s are off 0.04’ +/-). If I enter the PVC and PVT sta. and elev. info as PVI’s also, then all is well and everything checks.

In the Template routine the slider only goes about halfway through the alignment before it runs off the edge of usable screen on the iPaq. As a workaround I can drop down to my iPaq’s center button and hold it down to continue scrolling, but this would be very slow moving on a large alignment.

I also notice only the desktop emulator has the 3 additional buttons to Show Grade Model. This is a great visual feature that can help spot major errors and would be nice to have on the data collector.

As far as the desktop emulator goes, I know that you can license it for those who want it for data collection in the field, but I thought it was also being made available for us FG users as an aid to expedite data entry for use of the FG files in the field on our data collectors. I was surprised when I entered a rather large amount of road data on my first try and exited out of FG. When I came back everything I entered was gone! I tried it again, entering a lot less data, and sure enough the same thing happened. I see it is not saving the xml file as my iPaq does when it exits. Is this the intended effect? If so that makes those fancy Show Grade Model buttons quite useless.

This is not intended to be a negative tone post. I think FieldGenius is really good software and is getting better all the time. I just wanted to post some user (though light and still learning) feedback and see what kind of response this board might give. Thanks.

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Post by Jason Poitras » Mon May 23, 2005 8:44 am


The starting point number as you mentioned sometimes doesn't display the next time you open the alignment. We have had reports of this and is on our bug list.

The coordinates changing has also been documented and is related to using US Survey Feet. This is a bug that will be corrected very soon. A work around is to use International Feet until the problem is resolved.

Regarding the PVI - PARA - PVI. Could you email me the values that you're entering so I can run a couple of tests.

The slider on the ipaq build is as you noted not entirely visible. We'll add that one to the "must fix" list.

Grade Model - For now it is only available on the desktop. Displaying the grade model takes up a lot of system resources which would make this feature slow on a hand held device. As handheld processors increase in speed, then features like this can be incorporated into the data collector.

Any owner of FieldGenius is entitled to a free password for their desktop version. All you need to do is register it the same way you registered your version for your iPAQ. The demo mode, as you found out, doesn't save XML data.
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