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Tracker on strike

Post by ergols » Tue Aug 16, 2005 3:10 pm

I spoke to someone yesterday morning about some trouble we’re having with our Tracker. They were going to have a tech guy e-mail or phone us about the issues we’re having. Haven’t heard anything yet from anyone. Our Tracker is currently un-usable.

- battery – won’t last all day
- open job in the morning, try to go into it later in the day and can’t open file
- freezing up, usually resolved by soft or hard boot
- presently, touch screen won’t work, keys can operate some of the program, but the touch screen won’t respond at all
- (would like to update software)

I really think the most critical issue we have with this Tracker right now is a flaky (maybe even pooched) touch screen. The touch screen has been intermittently non-responsive in the past, but now we can’t do anything to get it working again. Is there someone/somewhere in Ontario that we can get this tested and fixed? Do we send you this one and get a replacement/demo?

If we’re doing some repair or replacement fix to this Tracker I was wondering about getting another style of keypad. We’ve got a keypad on this collector right now that looks like a blister pack kind of design. Is there a more conventional button style type of keypad available? The blister style is awkward to use in the winter.



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Post by Darcy Detlor » Tue Aug 16, 2005 4:40 pm


If the touch screen is not working, then it is not something we can fix over the phone. Please call our office tommorrow and ask Shannon for an RMA number so we can send it to the manufacturer for service. She will give you directions on how to ship it back to us.

Changing the keypad is possible, but it is very, repeat very expensive, because it is a time consuming manual procedure done at the manufacturer's site in PA. Normally they would charge around $500 US for the changeover. However, if they determine that they need to dissassemble the entire device because the screen needs replacing, it may be less. We can have them give us an estimate when we ship it in.
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