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Post by ch51 » Thu Mar 28, 2019 7:55 am

I have used various iterations of MSCAD over the last 19 years.
These days I don't draft anymore but use it for calculations and checking.
I have a licence which allows me to use it on my desktop or bring my key with me for use on my laptop when traveling.
In the last few months I have noticed a behavior change.
Accessing files from a server often (but not always) bogs (either) machine to the point of it freezing.
Copying the necessary files onto my desktop removes this issue.
Even so - simple commands like traversing or touching a smart line to learn about it can have a several second delay.
This problem doesn't seem to exist across all of the machines in our company.
It does exist on both of mine.
These aren't slow machines and the problem doesn't seem to exist with other programs.
Any ideas out there?


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