Reading Horizontal Alignments

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Reading Horizontal Alignments

Post by dmoses » Thu Mar 16, 2006 6:00 am

When using the Autoroute>Read .hrz command to load multiple horizontal alignments, the program smashes the seperate alignments into one alignment (the first one I read in).

Glen Cameron
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Post by Glen Cameron » Thu Mar 16, 2006 6:29 am

Unless I am missing something - each horizontal alignment is handled individually. So when you Write the HRZ file, it asks you which horizontal alignment you are working with (if there is more than one in the current drawing).

When you read the HRZ file back in, you have to pick the HRZ file on the hard drive then it will confirm with you what alignment name is to be used.

I don't see what you are mentioning. Do you have more info or an example job you can email me?

Glen W. Cameron, C.E.T.
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