Help! Font file missing??

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Help! Font file missing??

Post by abacuspros » Thu Mar 16, 2006 6:28 am

HELP!! I'm new to using MSCad, and somehow the font files are missing! When I click on the DIST button on the LABELS toolbar, it gives me this error... ERROR: Unable to find font file.

If anyone can tell me where to look or what might cause this problem I would greatly appreciate it. We are running both 2004 and 2005, and the problem is occuring in both programs.


Glen Cameron
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labeling defaults

Post by Glen Cameron » Thu Mar 16, 2006 6:50 am

As we just discussed live on the phone - if the labeling defaults have gotten munched for any reason, when you try to use any command that would use the labeling defaults, you will get font errors.

Simplest solution - go to the MsTools menu -> MicroSurvey System Defaults -> Reset to Factory Defaults.

Then go to your MsAnnotate menu -> Labeling defaults, and set them as desired. Then your labeling routines will work and give what you desire.

You can then go to the MsTools menu -> MicroSurvey System Defaults -> Saveas Default Configuration, to set the program to use these defaults for all new projects.

You can also save the configuration out to a named file - MsTools menu -> MicroSurvey System Defaults -> Save Configuration file. This way you can re-read the configuration file back into any drawing at any time to reset the labeling defaults. You can also have multiple different configurations, so you could switch between them as required.

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