'04 to '05 nagging differences...Work arounds?

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'04 to '05 nagging differences...Work arounds?

Post by ianw2 » Thu Jul 20, 2006 10:59 am

I’m getting much more comfortable with MSCAD2005. There are, however, some things from 2004 that I really miss.

The running snaps are one real frustration with 2005. For example, I had the pop up menu for OSNAPS mapped to CTRL + (Left Mouse Button). Having to slide over to the right side of the screen and select a different OSNAP is a real time waster. Is there anything that can be done to bring back this ’04 feature?

I used to have F12 mapped to turn on “End” and “Point” for OSMODE. F11 turned off all snaps (set OSMODE to 0). Is there a way to do this in ’05?

I’m also having trouble with my toolbars. Every time I restart ’05, I have to rearrange my toolbars. The ‘bars at the top of my drawing screen all stack up vertically; the ‘bars at the left of my screen all stack horizontally. Is there a way to prevent this?

I have noticed that in ’05, typed commands differ vastly from commands selected from the pull-downs. This is a major pain. In ’04, I had most of the commands I ran regularly mapped to two keystrokes issued from my left hand. The two-key typed commands in ’04 brought up the same dialogue box that would be called up by selecting the command from the pull-down or the toolbar. In ’05, I only get the command line version which is much less efficient. Is there anyway to invoke the dialogue box version of the commands from keystrokes in ’05?
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Glen Cameron
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Post by Glen Cameron » Thu Jul 20, 2006 11:29 am

Try these to see if it helps,
1) SHIFT + RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON while inside of a command should bring up a popup menu similar to what you described.

2) Customize command -> Keyboard -> create a NEW shortcut. Pick the F12 key, give the command line end,node . It should work inside of other commands as the end and node snaps. The NONE snap should work the same way for F11.

3)Toolbar Behavior: If you find that some of your toolbars are not located in the same place you last put them. Here is a work around to try and solve this issue:

a. Press the "Restore Down" button once so you can resize your MSCAD program window.
b. Resize the MSCAD window to equal the size of your monitor.
c. Place your toolbars where you want them.
d. Close the program.
e. The position of the toolbars will always be saved correctly.

After you've done this you can maximize your program again and the toolbars will stop moving around.

4)Do you have any examples of which commands are different? The menu executes commands in the same way that the types commands work - maybe you are not actually using the exact same commands.
Run the command from the menu and see what it displays in the command line, is it the same as what you typed?

Also make sure the variable FILEDIA is set to ON (type it in to confirm or change if required)

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