Best of fortune to Mike Rudniski.

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B. K. Lemons
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Best of fortune to Mike Rudniski.

Post by B. K. Lemons » Mon Apr 02, 2007 8:13 pm

I remember the first time I ever talked to Mike Rudniski. It was a year or so ago when he made his introductory sales cold-call to me after I had downloaded a trial of MSCAD 2005. Just for the fun of it, I gave this young guy a hard time, just as I do every unsolicited sales caller who puts a dent in my day, and made him earn his pay. But he stuck right there with me, courageously keeping me interested in talking with him about this and that, but without pushing me too far. I was planning on buying the software, anyway, but I still let him go through the process of selling me.

After that, it was always fun talking to Mike, and I never minded taking his calls. In deep East Texas we don't get many stories about packing a moose out well after dark and shining a flashlight all around along the way, hoping not to see any scary eyes reflecting the light. He was always a pleasure to deal with, and he always made me laugh.

Mike's now off chasing his forestry interests. MicroSurvey has lost a good man.

Best of fortune to him.


Ed Gasbarre
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Mike R.

Post by Ed Gasbarre » Tue Apr 03, 2007 12:02 pm

I too am sorry to hear this news. He'll undoubtedly be an asset to any cause he serves.

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