Rename Active Traverse Editor Traverse Files?

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Rename Active Traverse Editor Traverse Files?

Post by DKNTEC » Mon Jul 16, 2007 3:33 pm

I know from Help I am not not supposed to rename ATE Traverse files, but is there some way I can do this?
I have a drawing with already 8 different Traverse files of different survey parts, + RAW copies of the originals, and with numerous more to still come in on this construction data collection & layout job. There may be 20 or 30 Traverse files of separate days or parts before we are done.

I now wish I had named some of the early FG Tracker projects differently before importing to the MSCAD, and named the RAW backup copies after import differently, to better organize them all in sequence. It is becoming a "jumble" now in MsTraverse>Traverse Entry/Editing>Set Current Traverse file, and will only get worse.

If I live dangerously, and with the drawing file open, and look in the drawing.msj file through Windows Explorer, I see each Traverse file actually consists of a set of 4 files - .def, .mp, .nx, .st
If I had one of the Traverse files Set as Current, the rest are maybe effectively "inactive"?
Could I rename each of these "inactive" sets of 4 files to what I would like the to be? Being careful of course to not rename the Current Traverse file set?

Or is this too darn dangerous, & I'm asking for trouble, & should just keep my mitts out of this area??

If this is not really possible in MSCAD2005 SP1.3, then I make this a SUGGESTION for MSCAD 2008 - to be able to rename the Traverse files.
Also the ability to put some of these Traverse files after cleanup & that are no longer in use into subfolders named i.e. DC (data collection), RAW, LAYOUT (utilities, roads), Interm before fix, X, or DONE or whatever - you get the idea - to simplify my "Set Traverse file" screen & reduce the goofups of picking the wrong one.
I use ATE extensively for cleanup etc, after surveys. It is a great tool!
The ability to easily rename the Traverse files would make it more flexible.

Glen Cameron
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Post by Glen Cameron » Tue Jul 17, 2007 12:24 pm

Under the File menu in the ATE - SAVEAS to give it a new name. Then delete the original traverse under the MsTraverse menu | Traverse Entry/Editing.
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