Bugs - Dimensioning - fix in MSCAD2008?

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Bugs - Dimensioning - fix in MSCAD2008?

Post by DKNTEC » Thu Jul 19, 2007 3:41 pm

I post this here for others comments too.
Don't need fixed in old 2005. For 2008.

1) Occasionally Dimension text style changes to STANDARD.
I notice this after opening a dwg previously worked on.
If I pick on the dimension to bring up Change Properties, click on Dimensions box, then click OK, it reverts back to what it should be.

2) What is purpose of extra horizontal line in stacked architectural mode?
i.e. 7//16" Can it be removed to show a "normal" (to me) 7/16"? (I can't show it here as horizontal).

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