Bug - Unnamed Blocks - fix in 2008?

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Bug - Unnamed Blocks - fix in 2008?

Post by DKNTEC » Thu Jul 19, 2007 3:44 pm

I post here for others comments.
Don't need fixed in MSCAD2005. For 2008

For some reason basically all my drawings, whether built from scratch, old ACAD, or from others, all slowly generate hundreds & eventually thousands of unnamed blocks as I work, i.e. *U52, ....*U4028.... etc.
Sometimes the series is a "D" instead of a "U" - i.e. *D4631 etc.
Sometimes no letter, just *3451 etc.
I notice the drawing slowing down, purge all these blocks, often reducing dwg size to a third or less of what it was, and carry on, seemingly with no consequences. It doesn't seem to matter if I am doing simple work or more complex ie surfacing & profiles.
What causes these? Searches in Help & Forum produced no hits. Am I the only guy with this trouble?

I don't think it is hardware. I had same trouble with old system.

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