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mscad to autocad

Post by steve » Sat Dec 15, 2007 9:49 am

we just started doing survey work for a large engineering firm that has multiple offices. we have completed a couple of large outbounds & topos for one of their offices and delivered the product in the request ".dwg" r2000. this office uses autocad 2000, ldd & land development survey (whatever it's called).

they are bitching & moaning that they cannot use our files. they say the linetypes are different (mainly the linescale?), the points can not be used, text is different etc.

we offered to use one of their existing drawing files as a base/template. they provided one; however when opening this in mscadd, the program displays that the fonts are not the same and are being replaced. is there a way to install the fonts they use so they are not replaced on opening?

also, they say our points are not usable at all. i have seen a file that we sent to them at their office opened in autocadd, and they are not in "autocadd format".

any suggestions on how to make our files more suitable for the client.


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Post by ianw2 » Sat Dec 15, 2007 11:11 am

Hey, Art! I feel your pain, believe me.

In my experience, most of my "savvy" clients, meaning architects, engineers and surveyors, have absolutely no problems opening my drawings and using them. I realize that doesn’t help YOUR problem, but it has been my observation.

The line type issue is a valid one. You will need their line type files. You can install them on your system and use them as needed when working on drawings for this client.

The same goes for the font files. If I sent you a word document or any other document created in my office, my company name would not show up or print properly without my font file. I use a really neat font called "Ignacio". If you don’t also have that font definition, you aren’t going to get the same thing I do. It doesn’t mater what software you use, word processing, spreadsheet, CAD, graphic, etc. In fact, if I sent you a MicroSurvey drawing with my title block on it, it would look really ugly on your system unless I sent you my special fonts, too!

In order to work with their specs, you’ll need THEIR font files and THEIR line type files. When you use them in creating drawings for them, they shouldn’t have a problem.

Interestingly, if they your client were sent a drawing created in AutoCAD ™ 2000 that used fonts, line types, blocks and xrefs that they did not have, the drawing would not open properly either. It’s not necessarliy a software to software problem.

A few suggestions for when you get the files shared:

1) purge your drawing BEFOR you send it. Get rid of any layers that aren’t being used. Explode any blocks or Xrefs. Make sure the text styles are simple files.

2) make a block out of your entire drawing. Then put it back into your drawing and explode it.

3) send your point file along with your drawing.

4) print your drawing to a PDF file and send the PDF along with your drawings and point files. The client can see what your drawing was SUPPOSED to look like with all its line weights, etc.

5) If possible, the first few times, TAKE the drawing to the client. Load it up and make sure it’s operational before you leave.
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