Loose linework when performing traverse adjustments

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Loose linework when performing traverse adjustments

Post by DaveS » Thu Jan 31, 2008 11:09 am

I'm using MSCad 2008 with SP1.1

In the process of adjusting my traverse all the linework disapears (erases from the drawing and database). It occurs when you run the Vertical traverse adjustment. It has happened to me twice so I know it wasn't something I did when it happened the first time.

Also, the entity property task bar doesn't have the same amout of power that it did in 2005. It's nice to be able to select from the drawing the elements you want to edit, say a few pieces of text. The colour can be changed but the colour you change to now becomes the colour for that layer. The lineweight pulldown has no affect at all, you have to open the edit properties box to make those changes. That is the same with linework for changing the linetype. Continuous is also the default linetype which is also quite annoying.

I know the plotting issue has been discussed but it still makes the screen blank until you do a regen. I almost had a heart attack the first time it did that.

I hope some of these things can be resolved, thanks


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