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Richard Sands
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MSCAD and Reports

Post by Richard Sands » Thu Jun 12, 2008 5:17 pm

A few comments on the MSCAD2008 interface.
1: I’ve been looking at the reporting output styles from MSCAD and how they vary in format, but none are really useful for my cadastral work.
The stakeout report is very useful, but the problem is the lack of formatting of the bearings.
I do need 12°24’35” as the output. 12.3456 means manual work to get that.
( I have a very useful Excel file that handles this well, but its extra work)
COGO gives 1 140°46'10" dist= 345.601, but this means a lot of COGO input compared to Stakeout.
Also, copy the above to MSCAD text and the ° gives a ? and I can change the ° to %%d but again its tedious for many radiations.

2: I also have need for the slopes or grades as reported from the 2D Inverse routine.
Currently MSCAD command line for that routine reports
: in
1 140°46'10" dist= 345.601 N= 5423234.528 E= 452097.924 25

It would be very useful to be able to annotate lines just as we do (bearings and distances) with the ‘Grade’ or ‘Slope’

3: COGO has some features that are hidden in the TOGGLES menu.
I’d prefer things like Scale Factor, Applied Bearing to be available in a ‘Floating Menu’ that is available at all times (on demand) and saves burrowing into other menus and dialogue boxes.
(Scale factor isn’t a TOGGLE feature, but Toggles are available in Congfig Box)

4: BATCHCOGO The ability to add bearing corrections to this routine. Saves remembering what additive was used when picking it up from a past job. Most of my work involves this extremely usefull routine and I’d appreciate more development here.

5: Snaps – A way to temporarily disable SNAPS on the fly. I have programs that by holding down the Spacebar temporarily disables all Snaps. This is a very extremely option.
I know there are Command Line options but that is tedious and not really useful for rapid work in MSCAD.
Someone made a comment on another Forum here about CAD options.
One of the beauties of MSCAD is it is CAD based. So I use it as my sole CAD option and plan drawing is a major part of my Microsurvey experience. I would welcome more CAD enhancements.

User input appreciated and I’m sure others can add to these.

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