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Richard Sands
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PRINT 2009

Post by Richard Sands » Mon Feb 16, 2009 1:22 am

I had a job today where I only worked in model space.
I had 2 page outlines surrounding the job on layer "1_Plot". (The layer was some odd purple and set not to Print)
I went to print and selected the top left corner of the rectangle then zoomed into the overlapping part of the print rectangles to select the bottom right corner. The moment I scrolled my mouse wheel the rectangles disappeared and I was left with just some linework on the screen so had to abort.

A couple of things always happen in these instances.
1) The snaps might work on first selection and not the second. (Snap to end of line). No amount of toggling can coax the thing to work after the first selection.
2) The screen usually misbehaves by hiding some of the linework so one can't proceed. (A regen in the midst of a command cancels the command)

I know IntelliCad had issues with my layer names that started with #. (I think this was supposed to be fixed in 2009, but haven't gone back to use of #)
Do layers beginning with '1_' , '2_' etc also come into that category? I didn't think so, but mention it.

We all know there's a niggling issue here with the Print command so the more we can chip the quicker it gets resolved.

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Post by Gord » Tue Feb 17, 2009 5:30 am

I've seen certain colour disappear when selecting a print window. Have you tried changing to one of the primary colours for the 1_Plot layer?
Just a thought......
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