Bearings vs. Azimuths

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Bearings vs. Azimuths

Post by Eric Anderson » Thu Oct 14, 2010 7:34 am

I've run into this a couple of times and find it very annoying. It almost takes an "Act of God" to get things set straight instead of a click of a button. Here's what I find annoying:

Normally I work in Bearings and in order for my bearings using cogo to match my bearings when using the Inquiry>Distance Command by picking points or listing lines the drawing settings need to be:

Unit Type: Surveyor's Units
Angular Direction: Counter Clockwise
Angle Base: East

So far so good. The problem comes when I get additional information from numerous sources that work with Azimuths. When I go to the MS Assistant>Set Program Defaults>General and check mark the Azimuth box and hit okay. If I inverse between points using Cogo, my Azimuths match my bearings. i.e. N 0 degrees 15' 21" E = 0 degrees 15' 21"

However, sometimes I like to double check linework using List or directions using the Inquire>Distance command. If I still have Drawing Defaults to Azimuths I WILL NOT get the same information that I get through Cogo. Why?!?!?!? :x

I found this information:
BSMITH-VISTA wrote:Ok, here it goes:
1) Go to MSTools menu
2) MicroSurvey Assistant main menu
3) Set Program Defaults
4) Drawing Units
5) Change settings for: Angular Units
6) Select Angle Direction as: Clockwise
7) Switch radio button under Unit Types to: Surveyor's Units
8.) Click in Angle Base field and type "S", then click in the Display precision field box. The program will automatically switch the Angle Base field to something else like 'N' or 'E'.
9) Change it back to 'S' again and then click on the Degrees/Minutes/Seconds radio button under the Unit Types.

Poof! Problem solved. The program will now recognise the 'Real World' Azimuths that you traverse in, where North is uuuuuhhhhh....... REALLY NORTH!

Don't Forget To Save!
taken from this thread: ... uths#p6930

Why must I do all of the above in order for my cogo inverses to match Inquiry>Distance commands? And then when I want to go back to Bearings I need to undo everything? It is very cumbersome.

Example: I have a line drawn between points:

Bearings: South 89 degrees 50' 14" East
I get that using Cogo or Inquiry with Defaults set as stated above

Switch to Azimuths without jumping through a hoop:
Azimuth (using Cogo): 90 degrees 09' 46" az
Azimuth (using List and picking the line): 359°50'14"
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