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Post by hiscock_wayne » Tue Nov 01, 2011 10:12 am

Just curious. I want to see how others do this. If I want to stake out a surface in the field, I usually construct my surface in Microsurvey and make a TIN model of course (but not polyface). I then export my TIN as a dxf and open it with Terramodel of Trimble GeoOffice. From here I define my surface and export it as a DTM or a TTM which can be used by my total station and/or RTK. Although this method works well for me, I wish I could use one software for this process. Anyone have any advice or comments?

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Post by Brian Sloman » Tue Nov 01, 2011 2:31 pm


You could also try exporting the surface into a LandXML file, using the MsPoints | Other Program Ties | LandXML Export command (or type LANDXML_OUT at the command line). Many data collection programs are able to use LandXML files, so its worth a try.

Alternatively, our MicroSurvey FieldGenius can do surface staking with the ".qsb" surface file created by MSCAD, which can be automatically created via the Export FieldGenius Project command, or manually exported on its own for import to an existing FieldGenius project.
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