MsCad 2013 and large coordinates

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Richard Sands
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MsCad 2013 and large coordinates

Post by Richard Sands » Tue Dec 11, 2012 7:01 pm

It has been suggested that MsCad (IntelliCad) doesn't like large coordinates.
Here typical coordinates are 450000 East and 5450000 North.
To me its only maths and what difference should it make?

But, this (and previous versions) is so fickle at times it make me wonder why others aren't jumping up and down, or if this is the case then I guess there are not many Aussie users and so we don't perhaps get the message out that something isn't right.
For example. Multi-point Offset Command is a much used command by me. It works fine until I want to change the input of two points to create a new reference line.
I hit Escape (Esc) and bang! Mscad instantly closes. No questions asked. Not always but enough to be extremely time wasting and frustrating.
Batch Cogo is similar in this department when running COGO options.

Regen: One literally can't do anything unless the screen gets so useless and a Regen is needed. Even straight lines look like a curve.

Images have always been an issue and 2013 just won't work in that area.

My question is are other users coordinates in a lower range? Do they find similar issues?
Are there many Australian users and how do they fare?


Jeff Anderson
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Re: MsCad 2013 and large coordinates

Post by Jeff Anderson » Wed Dec 12, 2012 5:32 am

Hi Richard, those appear to be UTM coordinates, i use them all the time in Canada with 2010 Ultimate with no issues, that being said, i don't use the commands that you specify, and although I have a copy of 2013 Premium, i have found that it is not worth my time to use it until it gets fixed.


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Brian Sloman
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Re: MsCad 2013 and large coordinates

Post by Brian Sloman » Thu Dec 13, 2012 1:14 pm


Please see this helpdesk article which describes two system variables called REGENTOOLTIP and REGENONZOOMFACTOR that you can fine-tune to address your regen issues.

To expand on Richard's comment about the large coordinates, yes this issue is particularly problematic when using large coordinates like UTM because those bigger coordinates require more memory to store thier extra digits. Here's why: IntelliCAD uses a floating-point type called a "double", which uses 8 bytes of memory to hold numbers with a precision of about 16 digits. The OpenGL display device uses a different floating-point type called a "float", which uses 4 bytes of memory to hold numbers with a precision of about 7 digits. So when UTM coordinates are cast from IntelliCAD's double type to OpenGL's float type it ends up having small rounding differences when it gets drawn onto the screen, and the combination of these small rounding errors at every pixel that gets drawn is what causes those nasty scrambled effects on your text and other entities.

When a REGEN occurs, the display is recalculated and cleaned up. So yes, MSCAD 2013 can be used effectively with UTM or other large coordinates despite this issue.
Brian Sloman
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MicroSurvey Software Inc.

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