Can't compute closure

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Can't compute closure

Post by Clint » Fri Aug 22, 2003 8:03 am

I am at my wits end here and hope someone can help me out. I have had no luck entering and closing a traverse so have tried to start off with a simple four sided trav but still have no luck, what am I doing wrong????

My typical traverse would have a setup on a known point with an arbitrary BS from a compass shot for assumed direction, the traverse would continue with a closing shot onto the initial setup point without a second setup at the initial setup. This doesn't match any of the examples for traverse types given by MSCAD but from reading a previous post I assume this is not a problem.

My traverse entry mode is to enter traverse data in the fields then hit okay to review coords then hit next setup to enter new setup info. On a simple four sided figure I would have four setups 1-4 with a closing shot 5 onto the initial setup. My simple test has a 10cm misclosure on the last shot.

When I compute misclosure I get 1:infinite when a definite misclosure exists??????????

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Post by rwhatman » Fri Aug 22, 2003 8:47 am


I believe you need 5 setups for a 4 sided closure. This would be
for the Closed traverse rule.

You would setup on 5 which was Setup 1 and close on point 6 that was 2

You can try the open Traverse option. This is what you have going for you.

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Open Traverse

Post by Glen Cameron » Fri Aug 22, 2003 9:06 am

What you have described is the same as what our help file denotes as Open Traverse #4.

The only difference is that it shows a BS point (required for adjustments), not just a direction.

It sounds like you have things under control but one spot you may be doing an error is on the dialog that asks for the coordinates of the Closing Point. Make sure you do not simply press enter as this will give an infinit closure - make sure you give it the real coordinates of the closing point by using the Copy button on the dialog, and entering in the point number you are closing back to. So Point 4 is shooting point 1 but it is now called 5 - so 5 and 1 should be the same but are not due to errors. When asked for the coordinates of 5, use Copy and enter in point 1.

I hope this helps,

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