Using INDEX command to put contours on layers

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Using INDEX command to put contours on layers

Post by cbunker » Tue Nov 05, 2013 4:41 pm

I've created contours at 0.1 metre intervals using a DTM of roughly 175,000 points. I'd like to place each contour on its own layer so that we can isolate that layer and compare the contour to other data.

I'm trying to use the INDEX command to do this, and I enter the elevation of the contour that I'm dealing with (say, 354.1) as the index interval. The next prompt is for the index width - I never get prompted for the index layer. Is there a toggle that I'm missing to get the command to prompt me for this? It seems like the perfect command to do what I want, if it would work. The help topic for INDEX looks pretty straightforward, and doesn't suggest that I do anything else.

Running MSCAD 2013 build 13,3,2,1 on Windows XP sp3.

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