what is the best way to scale a survey from meters to mm?

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Peter G
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what is the best way to scale a survey from meters to mm?

Post by Peter G » Thu Jul 21, 2016 7:40 am

Just done a 1300+ survey which I'm going to over lay on to existing cad drawing from the architect with 8 layouts. It's easier if I can upload my Field project as I have some line work, with the points already changed or do it in MSCAD. Basically I just need to delete the decimal point, I could doing it in excel or note pad from the ascii file. But is there an other way?

Richard Sands
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Re: what is the best way to scale a survey from meters to mm

Post by Richard Sands » Thu Jul 21, 2016 11:10 pm

I wouldn't rush into changing your units.
personally I'd scale the architects to suit.

One issue with scaling yours is where to scale from and then if it gets rescaled the origin is way up the creek.

So doesn't answer your query. Just a comment

Are you likely to be adding additional data?
If so then that introduces another matter to deal with and to ensure origins are exactly same.
elevations I assume remain intact or do you scale them also?
Make for weird elevations. And grades would be altered drastically.

My 2 bobs worth

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James Johnston
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Re: what is the best way to scale a survey from meters to mm

Post by James Johnston » Thu Jun 22, 2017 1:32 pm

The best tool for converting mm to Meters or inches to feet is the Rescale Drawing Wizard. This is a common requirement when you are exchanging drawings with architects. Look in the MSTools Ribbon, Wizards Group, Rescale Drawing Wizard or _DWG_RESCALE in the command line.
This function will:

1. prompt you to set start and finish units
2. thaw, freeze and unlock all layers
3. perform a scale operation with 0,0 as the origin
4. return your layer state to its previous state
5. perform a drawing rescale so that smart text labels are appropriately sized

As Richard mentions, you do want to be aware of the origin that you are scaling around but setting 0,0 as the origin is usually the safe option (if the original coordinate was 100,100 mm, the final coordinate will be 100,100m). in most cases you scale the architect's drawing down to feet or meters as a first step and then do your fieldwork. But in your situation you could import the fieldwork into an empty metric drawing and then use the rescale wizard to resize it to millimetres. Finally, transfer points between MicroSurvey Jobs to get the fieldwork into the architect drawing.

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