Linetype not displaying correct in paper space (MSCAD 2010)

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Linetype not displaying correct in paper space (MSCAD 2010)

Post by camptech » Sat Oct 08, 2016 7:17 am

I ran out of space in the subject to put "SOLVED", but I think I finally have a solution / workaround for when linetypes do not display correct in paper space in Microsurvey CAD 2010.

First, make sure Drawing Scale, Linetype scale, and Global Linetype scale are coherent.
  1. Set Drawing Scale
    cnf_edit_general -- or -- MsTools > MicroSurvey Job Defaults...
    Set the Drawing Scale Factor most appropriate for your drawing. Click [ OK ].
    • At this point, you may need to re-scale your complete drawing if you are changing the scale factor by a lot. The command is ms_rescale, or MsPoints > Re-Scale Complete Drawing. Not that while ms_rescale does not appear to re-run automated line creation (e.g. SDRMap coding), I think it does re-run AutoMAP, so lines, points, symbols would get set back to their AutoMAP specified layers, linetypes etc.
  2. Set Linetype scale and Global linetype scale
    SETTINGS -- or -- OPTIONS -- or -- Settings > Drawing Settings [ Entity Creation tab ]
    Linetype scale => 0.5 (Imperial) 1.0 (Metric)
    Global linetype scale => matches Drawing Scale Factor
After all changes, may need to regen (command: regen) the drawing in model space.

After making all these changes, I would switch to a Paper space tab, but the linetypes would still not be correct. The fix appears to be:
  1. FOREACH paper space, deselect any/all viewports. (i.e. make it so no viewports are active)
  2. Run the command "psltscale" and set the value to OFF
  3. FOREACH viewport in this particular paperspace
    1. make the viewport active
    2. run the command 'regen'
Now even after doing all the above, the linetypes were not displaying correctly. HOWEVER, I noticed that if I switched to Model space, (or another layout tab, I think), and then back to the layout tab in which I did all be above, now the linetypes were displaying correctly.

HTH if anyone else runs into linetypes not displaying correctly in paper space.
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Re: Linetype not displaying correct in paper space (MSCAD 20

Post by » Thu Oct 20, 2016 7:55 am

I mentioned another fix on my thread for lwt issue that you replied to.


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