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Rusty Collyer
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More Raster Image Questions

Post by Rusty Collyer » Sat Jun 26, 2004 1:15 pm

1) - No one answered Casual23's question below about raster image properties. I have also had to re-insert an image that didn't "take" or the properties did not save in MSCAD 2004. This does not happen any where near as frequently as with MSCAD 2002, but I have also seen it happen - The service pack seems to have helped --- My question remains:

How do you list the image properties in MSCAD 2004, similar to MSCAD 2002? I used to insert a text block in each drawing listing the insertion point, scale, rotation, etc. (taken from the image properties) - This saved me on more than one occassion when a raster did not "reappear" in MSCAD 2002..

2) Is there a way to easily convert MSCAD 2002 raster images to MSCAD 2004 rasters - The older projects I've opened (to date) have not converted / re-inserted the old image. It's not a huge deal to re-insert manually, but has anyone at MicroSurvey written a script/lisp to read the old image properties file text file and convert? Or am I just missing something?

3) is there a .tif to .rlc converter available? Almost all of my images are big tiff files - Does the .rlc specific four point transform command exist in MSCAD 2004??? - I'm looking for a way to do some image manipulation (minor rubber sheeting) without buying a separate rubber sheeting program unless there's no other option. Suggestions welcome...



Glen Cameron
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Raster files

Post by Glen Cameron » Mon Jun 28, 2004 5:49 am

The new CAD engine that we use from Germany (MSCAD2004), supplied us with a new Raster capability to replace the older method used in MSCAD2002.

The old way of viewing/editing and saving the properties for each raster image is no longer available.

The image is treated like a drawn entity so all the normal CAD edit commands like move, rotate, and scale will work on it.

You can also list the raster image by running the LIST or EINFO command and pick on the border around the image.
Here is an example of the listing.

Layer: 0
Line type: Layer's line type
Color: 1
Handle ID: "16D4"
Extrusion vector: 0.000, 0.000, 1.000
Part name: *U0
Insertion point: 8445.234, 11242.380, 0.000
Rotation angle: E
X scale factor: 60.367
Y scale factor: 8.805
Z scale factor: 1.000
Attributes follow flag: 1
Attribute value: c:\glen\raster files\work related\msurvey.bmp
Attribute tag: FILENAME
Attribute flag: 9
Insertion point: 8445.234, 11242.380, 0.000
Alignment point: 0.000, 0.000, 0.000
Rotation angle: E
Font: GS100
Text height: 8.805
X scale factor: 1.000000
Oblique angle: 0.000000
Horizontal justification flag: 0
Text generation flag: 0
Vertical alignment flag: 0

Being the method of inserting a raster image has changed so much, the older drawings with a raster inserted in then will not load up in MSCAD2004 with the raster showing. You would need to reinsert it manually.

The older RLC image format was strictly a 100% Black and White image, no shades of grey. It was not used very much in North America so we do not have a converter to go from another format to RLC. There are other programs on the market that may be able to do this. Hijaak Pro is one that comes to mind.

The rubber sheeting option in MSCAD2002 were quite primitive and limited. They have been removed for now. A future version may see them return and enhanced. This is out of our control but if the CAD engine manufacturer puts them back in then we will be able to supply them at that time.

Glen W. Cameron, C.E.T.
City of North Bay, Ontario

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