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Graphic Edit

Post by d.sgroi » Mon Dec 16, 2002 6:45 pm

When you change the layer of points using the graphic edit routine, is there a way to keep the points on the new layer. When I import a updated ascii file from the days work , the program puts the points back on the default layers.

Glen Cameron
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Default Point Layers

Post by Glen Cameron » Tue Dec 17, 2002 5:36 am

Anytime you import points from an ASCII file, data collector file, calculate COGO points, etc., the points being brought in are automatically placed on the default layers, as setup in the Labeling defaults. The only exception to this is points with descriptions setup in AutoMAP, assuming that the AutoMAP library is loaded, these points will go to the layers specified in AutoMAP.

Also, if you do a rescale of the complete drawing, update drawing from database or any other command that resets points, then all points will return to the default point layers setup in the Labeling Defaults, and if active, how AutoMAP defines.

The Graphic Editor and the Advanced Drawing Technology Coordinate editing, both can over-ride the settings of the Labeling Defaults and AutoMAP but they will be reset if the point is edited in any way. In otherwords - the GE should be the last thing done - if you have chosen to edit the point layers in this way.

We normally recommend that AutoMAP is the tool to place points on the layers desired. This way they will not revert back to the layers set in the Labeling defaults, if the point is reset in any way.

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