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Design Wish List

Post by Max » Fri Jul 16, 2004 5:35 am

Hi Guys,

Speaking of a wish list MicroSurvey does an excellent job in improving the program by encorporating suggestions from their users. All their improvements have been on the survey side of the program.

As the old adage goes the squeaky wheel gets greased. Tell MicroSurvey what you would like to see improved on the design side of the program. As we have seen MicroSurvey will respond.

I use the design functions of MicroSurvey extensively. Even with some of its short comings I can do three to four road designs in a day. I have made several suggestions to MicroSurvey about improvements.

With some moderate improvements on the design side of the program I believe MicroSurvey would become an extraordinary program for small and medium size engineering and survey firms. As all of us users know MicroSurvey has a very strong survey cogo program.

So all of you design guys start hollering. I am starting to feel like the lone wolf.

Max (The Lone Wolf)

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Jason Poitras
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Post by Jason Poitras » Sun Jul 18, 2004 9:14 am

Hello Max (The Lone Wolf),

Yes you're correct, the design portion of the program does need some attention. Definitely the majority of our customers are land surveyors and because of this we have spent more time developing land survey related functions and features.

Having said that, we also have many customers who use MicroSurvey for their road design work and we plan on spending more time in this area for future releases. Many of you will probably say, "They've said they would work on the roading stuff years ago." A couple of years ago we didn't have plans for developing a data collection package called FieldGenius. We needed to develop this if we didn't want to get squeezed out of the market. FieldGenius has consumed a lot of our development resources that would normally have been spent working on MSCAD and inCAD.

The good news is, we have just finished a brand new version of FieldGenius. A lot of work has gone into the FieldGenius roading functions and we will be able to cross this development over to the desktop. We do listen to our customers, and we value your comments.

Please feel free to send me your comments about what you want fixed or added to the design portion of MSCAD and inCAD.
Jason Poitras
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Richard Sands

Wish List

Post by Richard Sands » Mon Jul 19, 2004 2:02 am

Thought I should add my 2 bobs worth here. Max I am sure you are not a lone wolf in this matter. Darcy well knows my requests and phone calls from DownUnder, BUT having said that I was also the one that said to Darcy when he apologised that my requests hadn't got into MSCAD2002, that I would rather have the major upgrades they put into that version and also now with MSCAD2004 not to mention Field Genius, than a major overhaul of the Roads section at the expense of the much needed and included improvements we now have. I am sure our requests have been heard and noted and will find their way into a future MSCAD. I am not sure of costs over yonder but here MSCAD is very good value for money considering it also comes with many import and export data types that some other vendors charge considerable sums for. Road modules and sewer/ stormwater modules are also 'addons' and attract the accompanying fee. This for me is always at the fore when I consider what MSCAD doesn't have.
Now here is a challenge (that I personally offered to Darcy). Why should I, (we) not offer Microsurvey a fee or some sum to pursue this? Sure we could sit back and wait, and it could be argued why should we foot the bill when its not really our problem. MicroSurvey and we endusers in a way exist for each other so I don't have a problem with seeing mutual benefit to others whilst also benefiting myself.
A fellow MicroSurvey User from way back

Jerry Johnson

Post by Jerry Johnson » Tue Jul 20, 2004 12:30 am

The majority fo those surveying customers would not have purchased MSCAD if the DTM and contouring capabillities where not present. Besides, usually a road or watermain or sewer accompany those pins being set. Don't get squezzed.

The xml route to seamless field-to-design-to-field appears it will be the standard. I am glad to see MSCAD following this path. It would seem to me that a closer relationship between the CAD engine and QS and ACIS will be needed to fullfill the long term quest of a virtual Development on the desk, rather than the abstract number pool we now stare at.

That aside, I am sure from previous conversations that MicroSurvey is aware of the short comings of the AutoRoad (from the old lisp) program without delineating them all. Besides they can just take a look at some of the competion.

Finally my Wish! DTM design an intersection, complete with curb transitions, maybe flares, etc. Be looking for it in my stocking.:-)

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