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Editing Defaults

Post by Cathy » Wed Jan 08, 2003 10:10 am

I was wondering if there is a way to edit bearing/distance/elevation etc. defaults from the command line instead of using the dialog boxes.


Post by Guest » Wed Jan 08, 2003 10:58 am

In what way do you want to edit the Distances, Bearings and Elevations.
The text only or is it a distance, bearing, Elevation default.

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Labeling Defaults

Post by Glen Cameron » Wed Jan 08, 2003 1:21 pm

The Labeling Defaults are only available from the dialog box. The Dialog box can be reached via the MicroSurvey menu -> MicroSurvey Defaults -> then pick on the desired option to edit. They are all available on the same dialog but it will default to the one desired first.

If you wish to make it easier to get tot he dialog, you can setup an Alias to call the dialog. That way you can type in the alias and it loads the dialog for you. Of course you can also set a button on the side or top to do this. The Default Toolbox has this button already defined, so you would only need to drag and drop it to the left or top of the screen to make it available there.

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