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few questions

Post by CHRIS L » Mon Jan 10, 2005 3:01 pm

When running the road templates, how to you get the templates to form together in a T intersection. Do you have to run through the "t" intersction process inorder for it to work properly?

Is there any movies yet for the steps for calculating Volumes.....I see a section on the Movie list on the Demo disk....but there is no actual movie on Volumes?

Finally, I noticed reading a old acticle on the INcad program that it contained a 3Dflowline fuction for showing watershed, but I dont see the command on the MScad 2004.....is there any plans for any water shed function on the next version, or is this strictly for Incad?

Glen Cameron
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Post by Glen Cameron » Mon Jan 10, 2005 8:26 pm

1) AutoRoute does not have the ability to intersect two different roads. The T-Intersection routine is for the Streets routines and will not help with AutoRoute. The Streets are 2D and AutoRoute is 3D.

The closest you can come is to build the first road and the new surface - then do the second road and run it using the previous surface - building another new surface as a composite. Then you would have to manually edit the data in the area of the overlap (points and breaklines) - then extract all of the data again after the edits to generate another new surface, to use for volumes, etc. This is not an easy or straight forward task.

2) If you do a complete install of the demo program, the help file has the tutorrials for Volumes. There is also a written tutorial in the help file covering the same material.

3) The 3D Flowline command is in MSCAD2004. Go under the MsModeling menu -> Utilities -> Modeling Utilities -> 3D Flow Lines (or you can type in the command FLOW). No other options have been planned as yet for this topic but you never know what the future will bring! <smile>

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