setting pints to zero

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setting pints to zero

Post by paladin » Sun May 08, 2005 9:42 am

Is there a simple way to set all imported points to zero elevation?
(Like the old EaglePoint raise/lower nodes?
Appreciate the help.

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Post by ianw2 » Sun May 08, 2005 4:21 pm

This is very easy to accomplish with MicroSurvey.

Open the drawing in which you want to set your points to zero.

Make sure the MSPOINTS layer is on.

Select the “MicroSurvey ASSITANT” from the “OPTIONS” toolbar.

Select “Grouping/Graphical Data Editor”

Enter a name for the group. I use “A”.

Select the points you want to set to zero/ You can use “A” for all, select by numbers, range, window, etc.

Once you’ve selected the points, tap “Enter” or the “SPACE BAR”.

Click on “Process Group”

Click on “Set North, East, Elevation”

Leave the check boxes for Northing and Easting alone. Click on the check box in front of “Process Elevations”. The default elevation to change to is zero, but you can set this to any number you want; all the points you selected will be changed to this elevation.

Click “OK”.

Once MicroSurvey has set all the elevations of the points to zero, you’ll see another dialogue box pop up. Select “Done” in the bottom left corner.

Make sure the “Ungroup on Exit” check box is checked (bottom of dialogue box). Click on “Exit” (bottom right corner)

Accept the ungroup.

Exit out of the Assistant box.

Your elevations will be set to zero or any other value you entered.

Hint: if you have “Point Protect” on, you’ll have to approve each “overwrite” with the new elevation. If you “uncheck” Point Protect in the “Hot Toggles” dialogue box, you won’t have to go through the “approval” process for each point.

The process is simple and fast.
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Glen Cameron
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Setting Zero Elevation.

Post by Glen Cameron » Sun May 08, 2005 5:11 pm

Another easy way to set all points (or a selection of points) to have zero elevation:

1) With no command running, pick on a point. If you get the dialog box showing that one point only - then pick on the button that says Active Drawing Technology. This will bring up a spreadsheet.

2) Once you have the spreadsheet on screen - highlight every point (or the ones desired).

3) Inside the spreadsheet, go to the Edit menu -> Set Selection Coordinates.

4) Turn the Process Elevation option on and set it as desired. Pick OK to complete the step.

Glen W. Cameron, C.E.T.
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