smoothing arcs, line break problem, object snap misdirect

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Mark the surveyman

smoothing arcs, line break problem, object snap misdirect

Post by Mark the surveyman » Thu Jul 29, 2004 7:17 am

I can not find how to make the arcs with large radius look smooth on the screen and when plotting. They appear as straight lines. This is far more pronounced with the SP8 update. Also the break command is perplexing. The line or arc once broken seems to hold the old dimension when IDed or annotated. The object snap pull down button also misdirects to the snap/grid dialog box. Any solves for these problems. The break and object snap are not new just looking for a fix.

Glen Cameron
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Post by Glen Cameron » Thu Jul 29, 2004 9:33 am

To control how smooth the curves are drawn on screen there is a variable that controls this. you can either type in CIRCLERES and set it to 1024 (it's highest and smoothes setting) or you can find the same variable under the Settings menu -> Settings -> Draw Modes tab -> Acr Segments and set it to 1024 - same thing.

For plotting, there is another variable in the print command to do the same thing. Go to the Print command - choose the area to be printed (Window, Extents, etc.) then on the dialog, pick on the CONFIGURE button in the bottom right - then on the next dialog, top left, set Circel Segments to 1024 again.

You should only need to do these once and it shoud be remembered in all drawings.

For the break command - if the line is in our database, then a portion of the line will still retain the orignal measurement if queried using CADLines. You can solve this by removing the line from our database before breaking it. You can do this under the MsPoints menu -> Points Database Utilities -> Remove Line/arc from Database.

Which button is it that you say is misdirecting to Snap/Grid? Where is it found and what does it look like. The ones I have tried here all seem to work so I must not be looking at the right one.

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