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download issues & problems

Post by ROC » Tue Sep 14, 2004 10:50 am

We have installed the updated FG Software and now we are unable to export a usable .fbk file. This file is needed to allow us to reduce and adjust our raw data in Land Development Desktop (LDD).
The .fbk file that we are getting has every line prefixed with NEZ, and then lists the coordinates for each point, so LDD sees this as an .asc files and just imports points. Therefore we are unable to reduce and adjust our measurement data, because there is no measurement data in this file, just coordinates derived from measurements. Without a record of our measurements we have no quality control.

How can this be overcome? We need measurement data.

Also it seems to see any point description containing this character: " as the end of the description. So for example, a 2" pipe found becomes: 2"

Obviously this is intolerable too.

Any help resolving these bugs will greatly enhance our "data collector experience enjoyment factor"


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Post by Jason Poitras » Tue Sep 14, 2004 1:05 pm


For FieldGenius 2004 the FBK file no longer contains any observations, only cordinate points and figure information.

Now that we create a raw file that is exactly the same as a TDS RW5 file, you can edit your raw file directly in LDD using the Survey Link program in the Data Collection/Input menu. Using survey link you can review your raw file in a nice spreadsheet format and correct any errors that may have been made. You can then convert the FieldGenius raw file to a FBK file that can be imported into LDD.

The LDD field book export writes out your points from the coordinate database in the following format:

NEZ 113 5523134.537428 311557.675258 399.050857 "E/ASPH"

Note that the description begins with a quotation mark and end with one. So now using your example, if I create a point with a description of 2" Pipe FieldGenius creates the following FBK record:

NEZ 104 5523099.336000 311521.810000 399.551800 "2" PIPE"

Now when I import this into LDD the description in the database is PIPE". So this is a LDD problem, not FieldGenius. As far as I can tell if you want to use the LDD fieldbook file, you can not use quotations.
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