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Post by johnnyhatesjazz » Tue Nov 12, 2002 1:30 am

New Forum looks great, and I thought I'ld christen it with a quick question.
Is ADT fully implemented within InCAD, and where is it documented; what it should do and how etc? If I edit a co-ord value in the ADT, shouldn't it update in the drawing without having to run the drawing/database update routine?
Whilst I'm on, I never did receive the CD of SP2 which you said you were sending out? I was having lots of problems with InCAD and Autocad 2000, but having upgraded to 2002 these have all gone away.

Cheers from a wet & windy UK!

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Mark Budgen

Post by Mark Budgen » Tue Nov 12, 2002 7:31 am

Hi John,

ADT is fully implemented in MicroSurvey inCAD. All of the documentation for the ADT has not yet been included in the inCAD product. The next release (be it a Service Pack or a new release) will have the documentation.

I have e-mailed you a portion of the manual that contains the documentation for MSCAD2002 (ADT) but it is virtually the same for inCAD. If you are using the ADT for editing coordinates, they will update the drawing in real time and changes made to your drawing will immediately update the coordinates in ADT.

As for the service pack, I will ensure that a CD is sent out to you today. The service pack was mailed in early August so you should have received it by now.

I hope this helps.

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