2005 with a Leica TPS 700

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2005 with a Leica TPS 700

Post by CHRIS L » Mon Feb 21, 2005 6:55 am

Will FG 2005 operate the autopoint staking on the Leica 700 series. Using the internal memory on the gun...when you go to stake out. the insturment will automatically turn the correct angle for the stakeout point. Just wondering if it would work the same way with FG linked up to it.
Does FG have a way to tell the instruemnt where to turn before actually taking a shot?

Also figuring the Auto Target Recognition in the 700 series should work the same way it does on the instrurment its self?

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Post by Jason Poitras » Mon Feb 21, 2005 9:40 am

Hi Chris,

1) Yes FieldGenius 2005 will automatically turn to the point you're staking. It can also turn to the point without taking a shot.

2) Yes FieldGenius will use the ATR functionality when initiating a measurement. The ATR can be dissable and enabled from FieldGenius.
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