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MicroSurvey CAD 2005 Posted

Post by Darcy Detlor » Thu May 19, 2005 2:30 pm

MicroSurvey is happy to announce that MicroSurvey CAD 2005 is now available for downloading.

Please download the version and try it out. Check the help system for upgrading information and view the new movies.

The decision to transition the long-term development of its flagship product, MicroSurvey CAD, to the IntelliCAD platform is of strategic importance to the company' and is based on MicroSurvey’s ongoing strategy to provide the highest value/easiest to implement products to its core customers.

As a member of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium, MicroSurvey joins a group of developers with representation from all over the world. The Consortium's mandate is to produce a competitive and extremely stable CAD engine that all of its members can use for their specialized applications.

New features of this version include multiple viewports (paperspace views), plot styles, more powerful snapping functions, extensive interface customization of toolbars and menus, improved Lisp programming functions, better raster support, more speed, better DWG compatibility, lineweights, and many more items.

We believe this will be the best MicroSurvey CAD version we have ever produced. As a full Commercial member of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium, MicroSurvey now has the capability of customizing core CAD functionality to enhance the product for Land Surveyors.

Your comments are always welcome.
Darcy Detlor,
MicroSurvey Software Inc.

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