Robert Barnett Goes Home!!!

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Robert Barnett Goes Home!!!

Post by ianw2 » Fri Feb 21, 2003 10:33 am

I just spoke with Robert Barnett! He’s doing very well. He was released from hospital yesterday. His doctors simply do not know how he has managed to recover as quickly as he has. Perhaps it has something to do with a few thousand fellow surveyors being behind him in thought and prayer.

He has 4 to 6 weeks of recovery ahead of him. With the injuries he sustained and the surgery to correct them, the risk of infection is still there. A pellet pierced his left and right ventricles with a “through-and-through” entry. The sutures which were used to close those wounds will eventually disintegrate and be absorbed. However, until the heart muscle heals, there is a risk of the wounds leaking and internal bleeding. The incision was a long one requiring 167 staples to close. Obviously, the rib cage was opened to allow access to the heart. His chest is wired internally. He isn’t to do much physical work until the ribs actually heal.

I understand that he and his wife, Josi, cried when they heard of the response to the request for help. They are overwhelmed with the number of responses, cards, emails, and calls. Robert is very encouraged about his recovery, his profession and with life.

Although I do not know the current level of donations, I understand that it is substantial. Robert and Josi have two small children; a seven year old daughter and a 2 year old son. I think it speaks well of Robert and Josi as parents that they have decided to use some of the money from donations on family counseling to help them and their children come to terms with the changes in their lives.

In short, Robert has a long way to go to complete recovery but he is on the road. Better still, he knows that he is not on the road alone.

Closer to home, although I was not able to attend last night due to a severe cold, my local chapter, Riverside/San Bernardino, of the California Land Surveyor’s Association authorized the chapter to send $1000 to Robert’s fund. In addition, they passed an empty water jug around and collected another $329! Needless to say, I am proud of our chapter and of my friends.

To all of you, who have contributed, sent emails, cards and prayers: I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am proud to count each of you as a colleague and a peer. We may be a contentious, cantankerous bunch, but we have proved our metal and come together to close ranks around one of our own. You people are an incredible bunch!

To Robert: thank you for the opportunity to show ourselves and each other what we are capable of doing when we come together! Get well soon. And, remember what I told you. If you do anything that your doctors have told you not to do, you’ll have a few thousand pissed of land surveyors to contend with.

The information for the Robert Barnett Fund is:

Account # 2935471

Routing # for wire transfers is 113122655 @ Prosperity Bank

The bank's address is:

Robert Barnett Fund
c/o Prosperity Bank
104 West Crockett
Cleveland TX 77327

If you’d like to send cards or letters or what-not, I’m sure the good folks at Cleveland Surveys will forward them. Their address is:

Cleveland Surveying Co
709 South Washington Avenue
Cleveland, TX 77327

With this post, I’ll drop back to weekly posting on Robert’s updates.

Respectfully and gratefully submitted,

Ian Wilson
Ian Wilson
Ian Wilson Land Surveying, Inc.
Temecula CA 92591
(951) 684-1044

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