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Ned Ferguson
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FieldGenius 2006 Suggestions

Post by Ned Ferguson » Mon Mar 20, 2006 8:23 am

After using FG for about 3 months now, I have the following suggestions. I am using FG on the AllegroCE. Other's experiences may be different. I will have more observations in the future. Microsurvey has already taken care of some of my suggestions (re: area calcs.) with the newest release. The GPS localization/speed problems have already been addressed in a separate post.

1.) LINE tools – would like to be able to add coordinate points to the endpoints of existing lines, or to the RADIUS and endpoints of curves (e.g. imported from a DXF file), and to draw lines by entering point numbers into a dialogue (rather than picking only).

2.) GPS time override – when collecting RTK data with a set time interval, I would like an option to override the time parameter and accept a shot with the residuals given. Sometimes, due to overhead obstructions, 3 epochs may be difficult to obtain but the user may be perfectly satisfied with 1 to 2 epochs if adequate residuals are attained and the data collected does not require greater accuracy (such as a topo ground shot.) At present, the user must cancel the shot if all epochs cannot be obtained in a reasonable period. I realize that a similar thing can be accomplished by changing tolerances, but this is a different application for making an exception for one occasional observation.

3.) POINT info – The point database only displays the coordinates to 3 places, though I always enter the points to 4 places. Hitting the “edit” button displays even less info, only going to 2 places. I see no option to change this setting. I expected the edit screen to behave more like a "detail" screen and to display the coordinates to more places (4 instead of 2 please).

4.) REAL-TIME STAKING – When getting close to a point, I would like to see a better graphic to help navigate to the point for the last few feet/tenths. I am used to another vendor's bull’s-eye routine, which automatically zooms in the closer one gets to the point (in RTK or Robotic mode). Something similar would be nice.

5.) ASCII import/export should retain the last used settings.

6.) POINT RANGE SELECTION for use in calculations is retained from one job to the next. I find this counterintuitive and error prone. The point range selector should be cleared if jobs are changed, or the last setting for individual jobs should be retained.

7.) RESECTION – I would prefer if FG automatically zeroed the gun on the first shot, then (at the end of the routine) automatically configured the instrument occupy/backsight to occupy the new point and backsight the first point observed. Presently these things must be done manually.

8.) BROWSING COORDINATES – (Data Manager >> Coordinate Database) When entering a point, or range of points in the point selection entry box, I would like the coordinate list to automatically scroll to the line corresponding to the first coordinate point entered. Presently the coordinate list stays at point #1. The only way to browse to a desired point is to scroll. This is very difficult and time consuming when using a large point database. In the AllegroCE, the scroll selector on the right-hand side is so small it can hardly be grasped. Also, I would like the ability to filter points or search by description, point number, and elevation range. In fact, I would not mind if entering the point ranges at the top resulted in a filter that displayed only the entered point ranges in the coordinate list. This would also serve to speed things up by removing the extraneous graphics.

9.) COGO – I have been waiting for a software company to include a “mirror points” routine. Construction staking is the application for this. Surveyors are doing more and more staking of houses for contractors. Invariably, we will get to a site, ready to stake a house and the contractor will have forgotten to tell us he wants the entire house mirrored. At that point we must leave the site and come back the next day or days later if we have prior commitments. Houses are too complex these days to waste time (and increase liability) comping in the field. If we had a function to mirror a range of points it would save the day. This is an opportunity to fill a niche with an industry first! The location of the axis for mirroring the points is not really that important, since we can always translate/rotate thereafter.


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Post by surveyjoe » Tue Mar 21, 2006 10:38 pm

Hi Ned,

Those are very good suggestions.

Regarding (1.) Line Tools..... If you have a DXF File loaded into FieldGenius, tap on the DXF line and when the screen changes, tap on the icon that looks like a cylinder with an arrow. FieldGenius will add point numbers to each end of the line. If you tap on an arc, FG will add points to each end and the midpoint of the arc. No Radius point though.

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Jason Poitras
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Post by Jason Poitras » Fri Mar 24, 2006 12:33 pm

Hi Ned,

1) Just like John says, you can already add points to DXF lines by simply selecting them. Unfortunately for arcs, we don't store a radius point.

2) I think if you experiment with the three Tolerance Mode settings that can be specified in your rover profile, you can setup FieldGenius to do this. This was added in the 2006 version.

3) We are currently working on this.

4) In the 2006 2.0.4 version there is a Zoom to Point icon on the staking toolbar. Pressing it will zoom to the extents of your current rover and stake positions.

5) Already on our request list.

6) Nobody has commented on this before as being a problem. However, I'll keep it in the back of my mind.

7) Already on our request list.

8 ) Already on our request list.

9) I definitely haven't had anyone ask for that but I can see how it would be handy.

Once again thank you for the feedback.
Jason Poitras
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