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Ned Ferguson
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Road templates

Post by Ned Ferguson » Wed Aug 09, 2006 8:10 am

I just used FG for the first time to stake out some roads with GPS a couple of weeks ago. I really like this aspect of the program. I think the roads manager is intuitive and provides excellent flexibility.

One thing I ran into was what I consider a little glitch with the template files. I created a road template named "template 1" for the road I was staking. Then, when I continued to stake the next road, FG required me to create a new template again for the next alignment. The road cross section is the same for all my roads, so it would be a big timesaver if I could simply use the same template for all roads without having to create a new one each time. For some reason FG does not allow this. The pulldown selector is grayed out until I create a new template again.


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Jason Poitras
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Post by Jason Poitras » Thu Aug 10, 2006 6:01 am

Hi Ned,

This is something that is on the request list, no word yet when it will be added to the software.
Jason Poitras
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