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Ned Ferguson
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2 more wish items

Post by Ned Ferguson » Wed Aug 30, 2006 5:41 pm

1. Ability to change rover antenna heights on the fly, without having to exit to instrument settings and reinitialize the receiver.

2. FG needs to save staking settings independently for each instrument in use. I find that just when I have these settings just the way I want for conventional surveying (or my crew chief does), FG changes them after using RTK GPS. After using GPS the staking orientation is always defaulted to "north" even after switching back to a conventional total station. Similarly, the staking direction defaults to an azimuth. The stake to a line feature also switches to north instead of our preference "line." It is kind of a pain to have to constantly be messing with these settings.


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Post by surveyjoe » Thu Aug 31, 2006 1:02 am

Hi Ned,

1. When I store an RTK GPS point, the GPS measurement screen (where the accepted HRMS and VRMS values are shown) has a box at the top of the screen where the Rover rod height can be changed. I'm currently using FG 2006 2.0.5 Beta "C" and the rod height change stays until I change it to something else (on the fly).

If you have "auto accept" shots on, then I guess it can't be done.

2. Good idea. I hope Jason does that for Beta "D".


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