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Post by Jerry » Mon Apr 14, 2003 1:30 pm

Hello Microsurvey,

I have a question about turning off layers. When I turn a layer OFF, Lock that layer, or both, why is it that graphic edit changes those points if I do a number range that includes the numbers of the points that are off and locked? So I tryed to put them on the pr_points list thinking this will stop them from being changed, but MS still changed them points. Now I am confused about this... what is the difference if i freeze, lock or turn off a layer then? Seems to me that they are all the same function. I am just guessing that the pr_points will only stop points from being moved on x y or z coords.

Another thing that I am wondering is why is there 2 places for autosave? I turned off the one in File-Configure and and MS was till autosaving. It took me a long time to find out that I also have to change the autosave conf in Assistant-General-Toggles to 9999 if I want to turn autosave off?

Just a little confuse here,


Glen Cameron
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Layers and AutoSave

Post by Glen Cameron » Tue Apr 15, 2003 5:49 am

The Graphic Editor is accessing the databse directly to select the point data and to edit it. It is not using the layers in the same way that CAD commands do.

When you are freezing a layer, all CAD commands and many survey commands will ignore the layers that are frozen.
When a Layer is off, Using the ALL selection method can still grab the items on the OFF layer. Both Off and Frozen means we can not see the layer, as humans.
Locking a layer means no CAD command can modify or remove the item on that Locked layer. Many Survey related commands behave the same but if we access the database then we may make some changes.

Basically the layer settings are for the CAD commands.

There are 2 AutoSaves - again because of the CAD vs Survey side of things. The AutoSave in the CONFIG dialog is for the CAD protion only and does not save your database or access it in any way. The AutoSave in the Toggles si there to protect your drawing and your database, and we do NOt recommend that you turn this one off. This saves both the Drawing and the Database, giving you backup files incase something goes wrong.

Glen W. Cameron, C.E.T.
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